Stackable Storage Bins, Closet Organizers and Storage, 10Gal Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids and Doors, 2 Pack Plastic Storage Bins with Wheels, Folding Storage Boxes for Dorm Room,Green

Stackable Storage Bins, Closet Organizers and Storage, 10Gal Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids and Doors, 2 Pack Plastic Storage Bins with Wheels, Folding Storage Boxes for Dorm Room,Green

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  • PP
  • ✅【Large Storage Capacity】Total 20 Gallon, each folding storage bin is measured: 18.9in*14.1in*11.2in (2.4in folded). Made of high quality PP material, it is thick enough and durable, with a good seal. The sturdy walls can withstand heavy loads (100Lb), while the reinforced seams and handles ensure it won't fall apart or tear, even with regular use.
  • ✅【Foldable & Quick Installation】The stackable storage bin is a practical and convenient solution for anyone who wants to organize their living or working space. When not in use, the collapsible storage bins can be folded up and placed in tight corners, which can save a lot of space. When you want to use the storage bins with lids, it only takes 10 seconds to snap the pieces together. All you need to do is lift up four boards, secure them, then close the lid and you're ready to use.
  • ✅【Five Door Full-Opening Design】The plastic storage bins are 5 doors full-opening design, top opening and side opening. There are 2 simple pull tabs on both sides of each door and lid. Sliding the pull tabs can open or close the foldable storage box, it's so easy to take out items. In addition to this, the five doors of each storage box is translucent, allowing you to easily find what you are storing without having to rummage through the storage bins.
  • ✅【Side Handles and Detachable Wheels】There are 2 handles on both sides of these closet storage bins, which make it easy to bring up and stack them together. 4 detachable wheels make it easy to move to anywhere when they are stacked together. The wheels can be detached when the clear storage bins do not need to be moved often.There are four deep grooves in the top lid of the plastic storage bins with lids to match with the wheel,so never worry about the plastic bins for storage falling down.
  • ✅【Multifunctional Use Stackable Storage Bins】The storage bins for organizing can be used in multiple scenarios, they can be used as closet organizer, kitchen storage, bathroom storage, classroom storage, office storage, laundry room organization and storage, car trunk organizer, bedroom storage, dorm room storage, snack organizer, book storage, clothing storage, camper storage, and so on. It is a good helper for home storage.

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