6.5FT Pre-Lit Pre-Decorated Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree, 202 Flowering Pine Needles, 795 PVC Flocked Branches, 350 LED, 35 Red Berry Clusters, Metal Base, for Christmas Holiday Decoration 6.5FT Flowering Pine Needles

6.5FT Pre-Lit Pre-Decorated Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree, 202 Flowering Pine Needles, 795 PVC Flocked Branches, 350 LED, 35 Red Berry Clusters, Metal Base, for Christmas Holiday Decoration 6.5FT Flowering Pine Needles

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【Multipurpose Decorative Tree】This Flowering Pine Needles Christmas tree is perfect for indoor decoration, No matter where you place your pre-lit Christmas tree, it can bring a strong sense of joy and happiness to the room. Comes with sturdy branches big enough to hold wreaths and all your favorite decorations for a custom look. Place this Christmas tree in your home, office, holiday party, and more to inspire holiday cheer and complete the festival. 

【EZ Connect Technology for Easy Installation and Storage】Designed with hinges, which can be easily assembled in just 3 steps. You just attach the bottom to the metal supports, attach the rest together, and unfold the leaves to form a nice shape. No wires, no hassle - just connect 2 plugs to light up the whole tree. Sturdy metal stands keep your tree tall and stable. The design is friendly to both assembly and storage and can be easily folded into a slim profile for easy storage.

【Big and Shiny Multi-Color LED Lights】This Xmas tree comes pre-lit with 350 colorful bulbs, LED bulbs are brighter, more durable and consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. With 9 light modes, RGB lights make this Christmas tree full of vitality. And the warm white lights can create a warm atmosphere on winter nights. Sit around the Christmas tree and spend a wonderful Christmas night with your family. The UL-listed lights are safe and durable for everyday use.

【High-Quality Materials & 2023 Latest Unique Pine Needle Blooming Technology】pre-assembled automatic Christmas tree not only uses high-quality PVC tips and plump pine needles, but also uses special pine needle flowering technology to give the snowflakes covered on the pine needles a more vivid snowflake shape. Lifelike looks like the first falling snow in winter, creating a lush look. High-quality material ensures long-lasting durability, flame retardant, odorless and safe for indoor use.

【Full Green Leaves with Thick Snow Design, Bringing Wintry Vibe】This 6.5ft artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is a mix of 795 high-quality PVC branch tips, 202 flowering pine needle branches, all covered with thick flocked snow, 350 high-quality LWM5K LED lights and 35 plump red berries, the design of thick flocking finishes is similar to freshly fallen snow. The red berries in the lush foliage create a lively appeal, and the lifelike appearance of the whole tree brings a vibrant effect.

We manufacture high-end Christmas supplies, Our products, ranging from Christmas trees to ornaments, are designed with an exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Made from durable, and shatterproof materials, it ensures safety for families with children and pets. As a partner in your holiday celebrations, we strive to make your Christmas special with our supplies, turning your holiday into a magical experience.

Product detail:

Product Dimensions:33"D x 33"W x 54"H

Material:Pine Needle&PVC

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