Inflatable Paddle Boards Stand Up Paddleboard Wide Stable with Premium SUP Paddle Board Accessories Non-Slip Deck Ultra-Light ISUP for Adult & Youth Green

Inflatable Paddle Boards Stand Up Paddleboard Wide Stable with Premium SUP Paddle Board Accessories Non-Slip Deck Ultra-Light ISUP for Adult & Youth Green

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Color : Black/Green
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  • Made from ultra-light excellent quality double wall PVC, FunWater ISUP paddle boards are 35% lighter than similar size products, yet still maintain their durability and longevity. With size of 10'6" x 33" x 6", and an industry leading 350 LBS weight limit, these inflatable SUP boards are ready to tackle any challenge the water may throw at you. Come complete with premium accessories, it is perfect for all people.
  • Native American paddleboard company on Amazon. With Top Rated Customer Service, FunWater is the only company on Amazon that offers a 30-day return policy , 3-year paddle board warranty, and 1-year accessory warranty to guarantee peace of mind with every purchase. Welcome to the FunWater Family!
  • The premium three-section detachable double-ended paddle provides efficient propulsion, the kayak seat provides a comfortable and flexible choice of sitting or standing positions, and the versatile camera base and 10 D-rings and unique handle design at the end of the paddleboard are flexible to meet your needs. The paddle board's vibrant design with three blue fins, white coiled leash, and green auxiliary handle not only makes it easier but also ensures that you'll stand out and turn heads.
  • FunWater's inflatable paddle board is designed with the environment in mind, specifically to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on sea turtles. With a powerful slogan printed and a striking design of a plastic bottle in a sea turtle's mouth on the board, this SUP board is a call to action for all of us to take responsibility for protecting our oceans. Not only is it a high-quality piece of water sports equipment, but it also represents FunWater's dedication to sustainability.
  • From the design to the production process, FunWater ensures that every detail of the ISUP meets high standards. Features non-slip EVA decking for excellent durability, slip resistance and comfort. Comes with a high quality pump, the paddle board can be easily deflated and rolled up for easy storage and transport. You can bring along your children and pets, making it perfect for various activities such as yoga, fishing, and sunbathing.

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