Dual HDMI Video Capture Card with 4K 60HZ Dual HDMI Input, 1080P 60Fps Capture HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Card for Streaming, Game Recording Broadcasting on Xbox Series X/S, PS5/PS4/Pro, OBS and PC/Mac

Dual HDMI Video Capture Card with 4K 60HZ Dual HDMI Input, 1080P 60Fps Capture HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Card for Streaming, Game Recording Broadcasting on Xbox Series X/S, PS5/PS4/Pro, OBS and PC/Mac

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  • 🎥Dual HDHI Input Capture🎮 The video capture card with dual HDMI interface. Under the USB3.0 interface, the capture card input can support 4K@60Hz, and the loop output and capture recording resolution is up to 1080P@60Hz. High-quality video can provide you with an immersive, crystal clear video and gameplay in superb viewing experience. The toggle button gives you 8 screen modes to switch the position of the screen or zoom in and out with a single tap. Ideal for users who want to do 2 streams simultaneously and mix the video on the fly.
  • 🎥Plug and Play,Driver Free🎮 Users of this dual HDMI capture card only need to input one or two signal sources, connect them to any desktop computer with USB 3.0 port, open and set up the parameters of capture software such as OBS, and the capture card can start streaming and recording immediately, no driver installation required, easy to carry and install, no watermark or time limit. Perfect for Game Recording, Live Streaming and Broadcasting.
  • 🎥Ultra-Low Latency🎮 The capture card for streaming uses ultra-low latency technology with a latency of less than 30 milliseconds. Ensure that your game is as smooth and responsive as possible, with almost no lag or frame loss. High-quality video can provide you with an immersive, crystal clear video and gameplay in superb viewing experience.
  • 🎥Unpressed Video🎮 Connect the USB3.0 interface, in RGB24Bit format the HD capture card up to support 1080P60 capture output, also supports YUY2/16bit image quality capture, restore the real picture, game and send the original video to your game screen and streaming, open Super fresh world! !
  • 🎥Wide Compatibility🎮 The capture card hdmi adopts advanced chips and has wide compatibility, supporting mainstream systems such as Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux. OBS, VLC, Skype, Zoom, XSplit, Potplayer, and other popular recording software, as well as mainstream social media such as YouTube Live, TikTok, Amazon Live, Facebook Live, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, and BIGO Live.
  • ⚡Note⚡ Product heating is a normal phenomenon, after testing does not affect the long time use.

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