Dog Food Mat,Absorbent Dog Food mats,Hide Stain Pet Food Mat,Feeding Mat For Dog & Cat Bowls,Drying Mat for Food and Water,Pet Supplies-Gray (12 * 19 IN) 12*19 IN

Dog Food Mat,Absorbent Dog Food mats,Hide Stain Pet Food Mat,Feeding Mat For Dog & Cat Bowls,Drying Mat for Food and Water,Pet Supplies-Gray (12 * 19 IN) 12*19 IN

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【Multi-use】This dog bowl mat suits dog cat puppy or other pets. This pet bowl mats for food and water is an excellent tool for placing floor. You also can place it under the coffee machine, coffee cup, or dinner plate to prevent sliding or splashing of liquids and food. Great drying mat for pet food and water bowl mat. Let your beloved pet have a whole set of exclusive pet supplies.

【Easy Clean】Dog food mats not need to clean frequently because hide stains well. Only wash it every week or long time. The food mat for cat bowls will not fade or wrinkle. Say goodbye to the traditional cloth full of stains. Water absorbing mat for dog bowl can be washed by hand, dry naturally. Simple wipe or rinse can solve any usage traces.

【Anti-slip】Absorbent mat for dog water bowl has a good anti-slip effect. It's non-slip, waterproof and heat-proof. Put the bowl on the absorbent mat, and the anti-slip bottom will be absorbed into the floor to prevent it from moving no matter how your pet pushes on it. The waterproof bottom can prevent spilled liquid from damaging the floor.

【Super Absorption】Dog bowl mats for food and water have super absorbent soft diatomite that can suck up spilled water instantly with a permeability of up to 90%. Pet food drying mats strong water absorption, durable and thicken designs that catch every drip off pet's chin around the pet water or food bowl. Pet bowl mat make you no need to wipe the floor every time after feeding.

【Hide Stains】The dog food mat made of special PU leather surfaces hide dirty stains, milk stains, and any other dark messy stains. Dog bowl mat no need to clean frequently. Dog feeding mat always keep the floor clean and tidy, have to worry about water stains on the surface. Say goodbye to spread stains and messy feeding area.

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Package Dimensions ‏ :11.77 x 2.17 x 2.05 inches; 10.86 Ounces

Material:Polyurethane Foam

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