Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper Boho Removable Wallpaper for Bedroom Bathroom Cabinet Easy Peel Off Wallpaper Stick on Wallpaper Vintage Contact Paper Renter Friendly Wall Paper 118" X 17.7" Dark Green 118x17.7 inches

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper Boho Removable Wallpaper for Bedroom Bathroom Cabinet Easy Peel Off Wallpaper Stick on Wallpaper Vintage Contact Paper Renter Friendly Wall Paper 118" X 17.7" Dark Green 118x17.7 inches

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Color : Pale Yellow
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【Warranty】:All of our wallpaper have 6 months warranty. Any question, JUST FIND US, we will reply in 1 hour. Please Enjoy the new look it will give to your living spaces or the new life it will give to your furniture!.

【Ease Of Use】:Just 3 steps. First, measure the size you need and cut along the grid line of the back paper. Second, peel and stick the wallpaper to any smooth surface. Third, smooth and get bubbles out (Poke the bubbles with a needle). Make sure the walls are super clean and you have sanded down any imperfections on the wall so that it is completely smooth.(Each package contains a pocket knife and tape measure).

【Multi Purpose Use】- Our floral peel and stick wallpaper can be used on smooth surfaces, like living room,bedroom,poweder room, nursery room for boys/girls,laundry,accent wall; it also available for kitchen backsplash and anywhere you like to stick on.

【Thickness Wallpaper】:Our floral wallpaper is made of thick paper, wall liner can be more than just decorative, but also in order to cover up defects. 17.7*118 inches will meet your needs, and the thick, textured material is perfect for covering cracks.

【Unique Design Pattern】:Our beautiful floral wallpaper can not only add natural atmosphere and beauty to the interior, but also inject vitality and vitality into the interior space. Our designers devote themselves to research, drawing inspiration from nature, and perfectly integrate sensual floral patterns with modern styles to create unique floral wallpaper.

Our mission is to provide quality wallpaper products to global users, so that everyone can feel the art and innovation brought by wallpaper. We continue to innovate, pay attention to the improvement of technology, process and quality, so that every wallpaper has passed strict quality control, and strive to send high-quality wallpaper to all over the world.

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