2 Pack Cordless Led Table lamp - Portable Rechargeable Desk Light, 8000mAh Battery Operated Light with USB C+A Ports, 3 Color Dimmable Wireless Touch Tabletop Lamps for Outdoor Restaurant Patio Bars Black 2 Pack

2 Pack Cordless Led Table lamp - Portable Rechargeable Desk Light, 8000mAh Battery Operated Light with USB C+A Ports, 3 Color Dimmable Wireless Touch Tabletop Lamps for Outdoor Restaurant Patio Bars Black 2 Pack

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Color : Black
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【Satisfaction Guarantee】We provide 24/7 high-quality service, the products we export are all 100% quality inspected, please rest assured of our product quality. We promise to provide a 1-year warranty for the product, if you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best solution in the shortest time.

【Universal USB Charging】This LED table lamp is equipped with a 30cm / 11.8 inches long USB-C charging cable. You can connect the cable to any USB port to charge the rechargeable cordless light, even when you're outdoors. The indicator blinks red when charging and stops blinking red when fully charged. The desk lamp is also equipped with a 5V/1A TYPE-C+USB output port, which can be used as an emergency power supply to temporarily charge mobile phones and other devices.

【3 Modes & Brightness】The lamp adopts up and down lighting design, 3 segmented lighting modes and 3 levels of brightness adjustment (40%-70%-100%). One-button touch operation through the buttons on the base, click to switch the lighting mode, and long press to control the brightness of the light, which is convenient and simple, and meets your needs in different environments. Great for outdoor camping, family gatherings, dinner lighting, bars, bedrooms, restaurants, patios, cafes.

【Minimalist Design Style】The lamp body is made of high-quality iron metal + PMMA, with a frosted surface coating process, which is scratch-resistant, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant. The thick base keeps it from tipping over or wobbling. The bottom comes with a silicone pad, which are non-slip and prevent scratches on the desktop, simple and practical. The exquisite appearance and simple outline make the lamp look more elegant and modern. 

【Portable Cordless Battery Lamp】The table lamp is built-in equipped with a 8000mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery, which can last for 40-50 hours after being fully charged. With its built-in battery, you can easily take the light anywhere. The small, sturdy base saves space and eliminates the need to connect to an outlet all the time. In addition, IP20 waterproof design and emergency charging function support your outdoor lighting needs.

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Product Dimensions:3.94"D x 3.94"W x 13.98"H


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